What are the Benefits of Yoga?

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

There is a bevy of benefits to keeping a consistent yoga practice for everyone from beginners to the pro-level practitioner. Yoga has been around since ancient civilizations used it as a meditative movement practice. Modern science has validated the efficacy of yoga to improve mental and physical health. This piece unpacks a few of the physical benefits of yoga movements in practice.

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A power yoga practice, an athletic ashtanga asana, or core-focused floor work can all help to build muscle strength, endurance and support joint mobility. Holding postures using bodyweight or dynamic motion with resistance bands both aid in building muscle mass and improve overall heart health. Scientific studies show that sedentary that were new to yoga experienced marked improvement in their physical ability and cardio-respiratory fitness after only three hours of yoga per week for eight weeks. Depending on the teacher and style of yoga, a class can be designed to target large muscle groups and mobility.
In our sedentary society, we are losing elasticity in our muscles and becoming increasingly inflexible. Yoga is the perfect solution to becoming more flexible both on and off the mat. Progressive and dynamic movement in a yoga class helps to warm up tight muscles and connective tissue to deepen the body's range of motion through repetition. Heated practices also help to ease stiffness out of sore muscles and to stretch further into seemingly impossible poses.

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Save yourself from stumbles with a yoga balance challenge. Balance wanes with age. Many of us are one slip and fall away from a hip replacement because there are few opportunities to practice balance in adulthood. If bicycles and roller blades are too precarious for you then roll out a yoga mat. Yoga is full of ways to build balance using both standing and seated floor sequences. The bonus benefits of a yoga balance posture are that they boost body awareness and aid in the improvement of motor skills.
Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits that can help to improve our overall quality of life with consistent practice. Yoga can be an entry point to a more active lifestyle for people that do not yet have an exercise routine. Yoga can also be a complement to established fitness enthusiasts that already have a cardio or strength-building routine. Regardless of your level of experience with yoga, the practice can prevent serious injuries by building balance, strength and improving flexibility.
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